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Classic Blue and White Homes

Classic Blue and White Homes

Let's talk about the Classic Blue and White Home Décor Accents! 


This exciting and dramatic accent color, style and pattern adds that change to your interior. It is very important to give your home a new energy.   


And yes, this is the pantone color of the year for 2020… Classic Blue! 

How did it become the pantone’s color of Year 2020? It’s nonaggressive, easily relatable, and a solid and dependable shade meant to provide refuge.

Blue is a strong accent color and mixing it with white allows for it to be introduced in to your home easily. 

Ceramics shown here are classic Chinese patterns developed over many years. Glass is an important design element and brings a clarity to the blue color. 

white and blue Chinese style Ceremics


Clean all white interiors are becoming less fashionable and adding a pop of an accent color brings a freshness to your surroundings easily.

Whilst you are thinking of bringing blue into your area. Time for an upgrade - think about Classic Blue and White! 

Classic China White and Blue
Photo credit to Jessica Isaac, SAND & SISAL

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