Easter Fabric Gnome


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3.75*4.25*12" Learn about the Easter Fabric Gnome, a delightful addition to your holiday decorations. This charming gnome is made from high quality fabric with intricate details, perfect for bringing the magic of Easter to your home. Adorn your shelves or tables with this adorably designed gnome and celebrate the season in style.
3.75*4.25*12" 瞭解一下復活節布料侏儒,它是你假日裝飾的迷人補充。這個迷人的侏儒採用優質布料製作,細節精細,完美地將復活節的魔力帶到你的家中。用這個可愛設計的侏儒裝飾你的架子或桌子,時尚地慶祝這個季節。