Valentines Silver Heart Table Top


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7.125*7*0.625" Enhance your Valentine's Day celebration with our elegant Valentines Silver Heart Table Top. Crafted with high-quality materials, this decorative piece will add a touch of romance to any table setting. Perfect for displaying flowers or candles, this table top is a must-have for a special evening with your loved one.
7.125*7*0.625" 用我們優雅的情人節銀色心形桌面裝飾品提升你的情人節慶祝活動。採用高質量材料製作的這款裝飾品將為任何餐桌設置增添一絲浪漫氣息。非常適合展示鮮花或蠟燭,這款桌面裝飾品是與你所愛的人度過特殊夜晚的必備品。